Message from the Vice-Chancellor

12 January 2021

Dear Students and Parents of MAHSA University

I hope all of you are in the best of health.

The new year 2021 seems to have dawned on us with a worrisome turn of event as Malaysia faces a spike in Covid-19 positive cases towards a daily four-digit record. The rapid infiltration of the virus into our community is an unfortunate one and we bear the responsibility of taking whatever necessary measures in doing our part as individuals to flatten the curve once again.

Hence, with the announcement made by our Prime Minister yesterday, the Movement Control Order (MCO) will be enacted in the six states of Selangor, Wilayah Persekutuan, Melaka, Putrajaya, Johor, Sabah, and Melaka, beginning 13 January, 2021. The Conditional Movement Order (CMCO) will begin in Pahang, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Kedah, Terengganu, Kelantan on the same day. As of now, these restrictions will be for fourteen (14) days which is until 26 January 2021.

With these two restricted movements on 12 states in the country, inter-state and inter- district travel is prohibited. However, we at MAHSA University will do all the necessary arrangements to accommodate our on-campus students in terms of their welfare and safety while they are here with us as online classes continue as usual. There will be no changes in the health and safety procedures in terms of the utilisation of facilities within campus and the purchase of food from e-hailing services, as were set November 2020 (refer below).
On-call doctors and wardens, as well as key personnel from the faculties and registry, will be available whenever necessary.

We earnestly encourage those on-campus to remain in MAHSA as travelling back and forth may incur unnecessary risks to you or your status of returning. The status of returning to campus for our international students in this current status will still require approval from the Malaysian Immigration Department and EMGS regardless of the announcement made on your return beginning 1 January 2021.

Therefore I urge all our international students residing abroad to do the necessary communications with MAHSA International Student Service Office (ISSO)
Tel: +60182534577 ; email:, and similarly, our team at ISSO will be in contact with each of you personally to sort this matter out.

I will continue to communicate with each of you on the latest updates from the relevant ministries at a timely manner and provide updates on MAHSA’s approach on any given matter as we continue to adhere to the guidance and regulations of the authorities.

Please utilise the hotline numbers provided for any enquiries or urgent assistance needed. Security Hotline : +60 19 968 9203
Residence Hotline : +60 19 968 9460

Professor Dato’ Dr. Ikram Shah Bin Ismail
MAHSA University 


9 November 2020

Dear Students,

I hope each of you are in the best of health. CMCO has extended again until the 6th of December and although it does not involve Perlis, Pahang and Kelantan, our campus in Bandar Saujana Putra, Selangor is affected by this restrictions and will have to comply to the regulations set upon Higher Education Institutions by MKN and Ministry of Education. 

During this CMCO, I urge that you utilise your time wisely with your studies and indoor activities. Our staff at MAHSA University will continue to support each of you through your online studies and other administrative matters including your pastoral care. Meanwhile, in your spare time, do follow the webinars conducted by our faculties on our social media sites. They are quite educational and helpful in gaining a boarder perspective in the various fields of arts, science and technology. 

For those of you who are on-campus, you may still reach out to our support staff at Student Central, and at the Residence office. Your access to our on-campus facilities remain unchanged as mentioned in my previous letter dated 13th October 2020 (please refer below). Our general hotline numbers (image attached below) and faculty hotline numbers (available on your LMS) will still be reachable for any assistance or enquiries. 

With the festivities just around the corner, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Hindu students and their families a Happy Deepavali.

Stay safe and continue to Be More

Professor Dato’ Dr. Ikram Shah Bin Ismail
MAHSA University 


21 October 2020

Dear Students,

I hope each of you are doing well and utilising your time wisely with your studies and indoor activities during this CMCO. I believe you have been following the updates on our National News especially on the latest announcement for employees within Selangor, Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan, and Sabah to work from home. 

Complying to this new directive from the Government, MAHSA University will be shuffling its staff (lecturers and support staff) between home and campus-bound work. Whilst we proceed to move into this mode till the 27th of October, I would like to assure you that your lecturers will continue to conduct your classes and tutorials online as scheduled by your faculty. 

For those of you who are on-campus, you may still reach out to our support staff at Student Central, and at the Residence. Your access to our on-campus facilities remain unchanged. Our general and faculty hotline numbers will still be reachable for any assistance or enquiries. 

While we continue to put our efforts together in fighting this pandemic, I would like to encourage each of you to remain focused on your studies and to prioritise your role as a tertiary student. Technology has indeed made it possible for us to continue achieving our goals, therefore, use it well and keep in-touch with your lecturers, friends, and family frequently in order to remain emotionally and mentally healthy during this period. 

Professor Dato’ Dr. Ikram Shah Bin Ismail
MAHSA University 


13th October 2020

Dear Students and Parents,

I would like to reach out personally to each of you with regards to  the recent announcement made by the Government of Malaysia on the enforcement of a Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya effective midnight, October 14th until 27th of October, 2020. 

As this was decided due to the rise in COVID-19 cases within several districts and states in Malaysia, it is imperative that you comply with the following directives as MAHSA continues to be committed to your education with your well-being and safety as our top-most priority. 

Re-registration date which is scheduled for 15th October will remain unchanged and will be conducted FULLY ONLINE. The link to the re-registration will be made available on the LMS.

All classes will be conducted online. In this process there will be a resequencing of your lessons to help you learn and understand your subjects better. Hence, we require your cooperation to comply to the timetable that will be given to you by your faculty for your online lessons. This process may also alter your semester breaks once we can physically conduct our classes again in order to fulfil all teaching and learning plans for your programme. 

Exams which can be conducted online will be carried out accordingly. 

For exams that cannot be conducted online, a later date will be provided upon approval. 

Whichever practical exams that cannot be conducted online shall be postponed to a later date upon approval.


  • Students currently posted outside of the CMCO areas will be allowed to continue their posting.
  • Students posted within the CMCO areas are required to put their posting on hold and may return to MAHSA Residence if they choose to.
  • For students undergoing industrial training within CMCO areas and in businesses that are allowed to continue operations, please produce a letter from your employer to be given to your faculty for record purpose. 


  • Students can continue staying at MAHSA Residence.
  • The library will also be accessible during these 2 weeks as usual for students who need to use the computers for their online classes. 
  • Library hours will be from 7am to 11pm.


  • Cafeteria services will operate as usual between 7am – 6pm. 
  • Students are not allowed to go out of the campus to buy food. 

Students are allowed to buy food via e-hailing food delivery. However, you are advised to pay for your food via online payment and to collect your food from the Security Office at the North Gate. 


The Mercearia Grocer in Habitat will be open from 10am – 6pm for purchase of sundry goods. 


The Gym and iMore Centre will be accessible to students residing at MAHSA Residence only. These facilities will be open from 7am – 11pm. Please follow the safety precautions which include physical distancing and sanitisation. 


Students are advised against interstate and cross-district travel, including returning to their hometowns. We encourage you to continue staying on campus to ease the facilitation of your learning through the use of our internet and library services. In addition, we do not want you to face any form of restriction from returning to campus in case any other states are made to be on a lockdown. Nevertheless, if there is a need for you to cross travel, you may directly communicate with your respective faculty upon making the necessary arrangements with the relevant authorities for your travel. 

While these directives are relevant to the current announcement made yesterday 12th October 2020, changes may take place along the way depending on the announcements that will be made by the Government in reflection to the situation at hand on a timely manner. In any case, MAHSA will continue to engage with each student with the latest status and updates. 

I believe that as responsible students of MAHSA University, you are able to appreciate the seriousness of this matter. We have weathered the previous wave of COVID-19 successfully and now we are called to once more to do our part and abide by the SOPs of the CMCO to protect the health and safety of ourselves, our dear ones, and our nation. Please remember to wear your masks, practise physical distancing and practise proper hand hygiene. Avoid crowded places and as far as possible avoid inter-state and cross-district travel. Together let us keep each other safe. 

Professor Dato’ Dr. Ikram Shah Bin Ismail
MAHSA University 


9 May 2020
Dear Students,

Amid some confusion about the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), I would like to remind you that the CMCO is in effect till 12 May 2020, pending further announcement by the government. While most economic sectors have reopened in stages, students are still not permitted to return to universities.

Your health is our utmost priority. My advice to you is to continue to participate actively in all your virtual classes and engage with your professors and lecturers.

When we do re-open, it is most likely in stages and only for practical courses that absolutely need to delivered on campus. All theory courses will most likely continue to be delivered online for the rest of the semester. When the university reopens in stages, we will inform you well in advance. Until that happens, do not make any plans to travel to the university or to resume residence in our hostel.

More about what will happen when the university reopens can be found on our COVID webpage.

Take care of yourself, be vigilant and be safe.

Yours sincerely,
Professor Dato’ Dr. Ishak Bin Abdul Razak



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