Campus Safety & Health

The Control Movement Order(CMO), implemented by Malaysia, has seen a closure of all non-essential services, including institutions of higher learning.

To reduce the risks of transmission, the following precautions will be taken, when the university re-opens:

  1. Temperature screening at all entry points. This is an essential initial step that helps curb the spread of infection. The purpose of screening is for early detection; helping to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19, and to detect the infection early enough to treat it most effectively.
  2. Hand sanitisers are made available at many locations across the campus. In response to shortages of sanitisers, the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Centralised Labs have made hand sanitisers and the formulation used follows content guidelines provided by the WHO.
  3. If any person develops signs and / or symptoms of suggestive of COVID-19 while on campus and has a history of travel to the affected countries or exposure to confirmed cases of COVID-19, they are advised to seek medical attention at the Sick Bay located on Level 4, Unity Building, MAHSA University. If students should feel unwell or are uncomfortable with an early return to the university campus, they can continue with their studies through our online platform. Every teaching and learning session conducted in the campus will be broadcasted live, so that students’ academic momentum is not disrupted and she can participate in discussions and interact with her classmates, albeit virtually.

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